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At Partridge & Pear Press, we believe there's nothing quite as special as falling in love, which is why we take you there again and again with each of our swoon-worthy books. Though our heroes come from all walks of life, each is ready and waiting to take you on an unforgettable adventure. So snuggle up and give one of our finely crafted book boyfriends a try. Whether sexy or sweet, we promise you're in for a treat!

Sweet 1950's Romance Collection

James and Deborah's love started a legacy. Watch as their children fall in love in the 1980s, and their grandchildren today. This sweeping family saga of loves both lost and found makes for the perfect sweet reading addiction. Because, after all, everyone deserves to find a love that lasts...

Sweet Contemporary Romance Novella

Will lives a life of order and routine, so, of course, he’s miffed when a Rottweiler picks a fight with his golden retriever at the dog park. Even though he’d like nothing more than to run in the other direction, he’s unable to ignore the beautiful stranger’s request for help in taming her new dog.

Sweet 1950's Military Romance Novella

Deborah gave her heart to a man who disappeared in war-torn Korea. While she wants to keep her promise to wait for him, she also has no idea whether he survived the battle that rendered him MIA. When a handsome veteran moves in next door, she denies her growing attraction to him, but...

Sweet 1950's Military Romance Novella

When James left for Korea, his heart belonged to another woman. All that changed when he found the picture of a beautiful, exotic woman one of his troop mates left behind. The photo gives him the resolve to make it home alive... Now he just needs to find her.

Sweet Silver Romance Short

James never believed in love until he laid eyes on Deborah. They agree to spend an impromptu night on the town together, during which the two share their past histories and secret dreams. She really is the perfect woman for him. The only problem is that he ships off to Korea the next morning.

Sweet Silver Romance Short

James has always wondered what could have been with Deborah and is sure they’ve met again by design, not by coincidence. Can these two former sweethearts put their pasts behind them and move into the future together--or are they destined for even more heartbreak?

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