Your Road Map to Successful Author Events by Pavarti K. Tyler

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Connect with readers directly and convert them to lifelong fans by scheduling, organizing, and planning successful author events. This book will teach you how!

Are you confident behind the keyboard, but nervous about getting out and interacting with other book lovers in person? Perhaps you’re still trying to figure out which events will play best to your natural strengths and offer a lasting impact on sales. Or maybe you’ve already done lots of in-person events, but have no idea why they didn’t work as well as you’d hoped or expected.

Your Road Map to Successful Author Events is here to help!

In just a few hours, you will learn how to create opportunities for meeting your audience, maximize the effectiveness of paperback sales in venues book purchasers already frequent, and create situations which will entice readers to pick up your book! You will learn how to find, schedule, and prepare for a variety of live author events, as well as how to harness those events to excite new and potential readers. With this guide, you will receive specific, actionable advice on:

  1. Scheduling Events in Book Stores
  2. Collaborating with Event Organizers
  3. Choosing the Best Book Festivals to Attend
  4. Making the Most of Book Signings
  5. Preparing the Perfect Excerpt
  6. Creating an Eye-Catching Display
  7. Keeping Your Cool During Q&A Sessions
  8. Handling Disappointment
  9. Networking with Other Authors
  10. Creating Opportunities at Non-Book Events

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Our Guarantee:

Tired of sifting through book marketing guides that focus more on the author’s life story than on advice you can apply to your career? Or, worse still, advice guides that are really meant for nonfiction authors and have precious little information for novelists? What about when an entire book reads as nothing more than a pitch for the author’s services or other books in his series?

We’re tired of it too. Every Novel Publicity Guide to Writing & Marketing Fiction is focused on you. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist who’s still trying to figure all this out or an established novelist doing your best to stay up-to-date with the hottest marketing tactics of the day, this book will deliver tons of action-packed advice you can put into practice today.

Read an Excerpt

To begin our discussion of in-person author events, I should tell you a little bit about me. We at Novel Publicity avoid doing this in our books, because, really, you don’t care about my dog’s name or my favorite color. You’re here to read about the topic—not its author. Still, I need to make sure you understand: If I can do this (and do it well), then so can you. My reality is…

I’m agoraphobic with a severe—sometimes debilitating—anxiety disorder.

So why do I tell you this? Why share the personal details of my mental health with a bunch of strangers reading this book? Because these difficulties have given me a rather unique perspective on in-person events.

While sometimes it can feel like a struggle, I am lucky that I’m often invited to attend book signing and readings. I also pursue any and every opportunity that enables me to speak directly to readers. Sure, I need to step far outside my comfort zone in order to put myself in these situations, and I find doing so both emotionally and mentally exhausting. In fact, I often need days to recover from these events, but I still never regret my decision to attend. Making personal connection with readers is that important.

This book will teach you how to interact directly with your readers and will help you ensure these interactions offer a positive experience for everyone involved. It will inform you, prepare you, and help you develop the right mindset for anything that might come your way. Throughout this guide, I’ll also share the lessons I’ve learned regarding what works, what doesn’t, and which common pitfalls you’ll need to avoid. By the time you’ve finished reading, you will be well equipped to survive and enjoy in-person events.

Never You Fear

Perhaps you struggle with anxiety like I do. Maybe you’re an introvert who simply doesn’t feel natural when speaking in front of groups. Or, you could be a natural at meeting strangers, but not know where to start when it comes to going out in public as a professional author. No matter what your background, I am confident that the specific, actionable advice I present within this guide will prepare you for whatever may get in your way—even if that obstacle turns out to be your own nerves.

We’ll get there one step at a time as we locate events that welcome authors both within the book community and in some unexpected places as well. We’ll move on to best practices for contacting and communicating with organizers, presenting yourself in ways that readers find approachable, ensuring your books are available for purchase during these events, and—ultimately—converting a casual attendee into a motivated buyer.

Writing is all about reaching people with your words. Live events allow you to take that a step further to reach them with your voice. As fiction writers, we tend to bestow a small part of our soul with every word the reader consumes. Meeting someone who has read and enjoyed your work is like welcoming all those lost, little pieces home—truly, nothing tops it.

I even love hearing what people think about my work when they don’t love it. As an author, I want to evoke emotion, elicit thoughts, and change perceptions. I want to connect and to share my secret worlds and ideas with whomever is willing to engage with me.

Still, sometimes it feels like you’re screaming into a relative void. There’s no doubt about it, writing is a lonely endeavor.

In-person events provide a direct connection to your readers and their invaluable feedback.

While the reading world has increasingly turned to eBooks these days, in-person events tend to focus on the sale of paperbacks and hard covers. Still, they do offer you a marketing opportunity that is transferrable to your online efforts. Your social medial followers will love seeing pictures of you out in public, meeting real people, so make sure to take lots and lots of pictures!

What We Will and Won’t Cover

Our focus throughout this guide will be on maximizing paperback sales in venues attended by book purchasers. Online sales considerations like Amazon ranking and keyword selection will not factor into this discussion. After all, the primary reason for live events is to meet and connect with readers, booksellers, and other retailers up close and in person.

Events are not only an effective marketing tool—they’re essential. When readers hear the passion in your voice as you read your excerpt, they will feel all the emotion you poured into those words. And that passion will also bring them closer to making a purchase than reading a summery online would.

Indeed, the benefits of this tactic far outweigh the negatives.

Believe me, when authors say they’re shy, nervous, or uncomfortable by the thought of presenting themselves to the public, I understand. Luckily, the methods I’ve developed to overcome my own set of issues should help you as well.

Within the pages of this guide, you will also learn the secrets of making in-person events memorable and profitable. You will find detailed explanations of various types of events, expected behavior from your audience, and best practices for you as an author. We’ll also explore the brass tacks of how event planners think, and layout specific steps you can take to get in the door and to maintain your dignity and professional presence in even the most difficult events. In fact, I can guarantee you’ll have a more successful—and less stressful—event if you utilize the suggestions in this book.

As an added bonus, I’ve included Exclusive Extras just for readers of this book. I’ve peppered links to this content throughout as well as in a designated section at the end of this guide. These materials are fully customizable and will help you apply the strategies in this book to your own needs.

Are you ready? Turn the page, and let’s get started!

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