You Make Me Feel So Young by Melissa Storm

  • Sweet Romance
  • 3,000 Words
  • Very Mild Heat Rating

Because first loves last forever.

When Deborah Rockwell’s first love resurfaces just as she’s getting ready to enjoy retirement, she is torn between staying true to her late husband’s memory and trying to find new happiness with the one who got away. These days, she can barely remember that cheerful girl she was when James Morgan declared his undying love more than fifty years ago, and she’s fearful he’ll be disappointed in the woman she’s become.

James has always wondered what could have been with Deborah and is sure they’ve met again by design, not by coincidence. When Deborah agrees to give him a second chance, he goes about recreating the perfect night they shared so many years ago.

Can these two former sweethearts put their pasts behind them and move into the future together—or are they destined for even more heartbreak?

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Deborah’s hands shook as she lifted the tiny pearl earrings up to her earlobes. She’d worn this same pair all those years ago when she and James first met at the local soda fountain, when she was nothing more than a girl. Would he remember?

She grimaced as she eyed herself in the mirror. While she understood she was attractive for a woman of her age, she still could hardly believe that the wrinkled face staring back through the glass was actually her own. Where had the soft blush of her cheeks gone? Why did her eyes look so small and squinty next to the ubiquitous crows’ feet that tugged at the corners? Her lips, while constantly glossed, were never quite smooth, and her pretty blond hair had settled into a dull whitish color.

But despite the arthritis, the wrinkles, and other omnipresent reminders of old age, Deborah still felt young, girlish, alive as she readied herself for her evening out with James. It had been so long since she’d last prepared for a romantic evening out. In fact, it had been years since Rip was still well enough to accompany her out for…


She’d sworn she would never—could never—love another man, not when she’d spent her entire life with one whom she’d loved so dearly and who in turn had given her everything she’d ever wanted from life: love, family, even adventure. Of course, she could rationalize the way all the other widows in her community did.

It’s what he would have wanted, but was it? She cringed whenever she dared to think about how Rip would be doing, were their situations reversed. He’d never have moved on, not in a million years. Let alone two.

But then again, James wasn’t a new love. He’d taken her heart years before she’d met and fallen for Rip.

She lifted her eyes toward the lace-adorned window and peered outside. James and his grandson were still moving boxes back and forth from the truck to the house. The poor dears must have been exhausted, and yet… James still insisted on taking her out that very night—as if he couldn’t wait another moment to continue their story.

It was just being neighborly, really. She’d show him the sights of their humble retirement village, which wouldn’t take too long at all. And when they were through, she’d thank him for keeping her such good company for the evening—as she had no doubt he would—and then she’d bid him good night.

There. It was decided. No more feeling guilty. No more wondering what if?

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