Ride for Tomorrow by Alex Westmore

  • LGBT
  • Post-Apocalyptic
  • 98,000 Words

Man made the virus that wiped out more than 90% of the population. Now it’s up to a tough-as-nails lesbian to save what remains.

First there was the outbreak…

As the virus sweeps across the United States claiming more and more victims, butch firefighter Dallas was sure death was coming for her, too. Only it never did. Of course, that doesn’t mean its deranged, bloodthirsty horde won’t…

Dallas and a hodgepodge gang of new friends know that to survive the world, they must shut themselves off from it. But with constant misdirection from the government, a frightening decree of martial law, rogue military leaders, and—oh yeah—a roaming rove of hungry zombies, that task could prove pretty damned difficult.

Will they make it out with their lives and sanity in tact? Or will they end up as meals on wheels for a hungry zombie? Rev up your engines and prepare to put the pedal to the metal as Dallas and her gang do whatever it takes to Ride for Tomorrow.

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They were out there. Lurking.


Chomping their broken and rotting teeth in anticipation of a meal she would make sure they never tasted.


Dallas stood at the foot of the bed and gazed at two people she had only recently met, but was now inexplicably willing to die for. Roper lay on her side with her back to Einstein, who, like most teenage boys, took up more space than he should. Incapable of finding the peace they seemed to so easily crawl into and fall asleep with, Dallas turned and stared out the window into the penetrating darkness…the calm before the bloodshed.

“Where are you?” she whispered under her breath. Her eyes scanned the dimly lit gravel road leading to a ranch house whose owners lay dead at the foot of the driveway, half-eaten by the once-human creatures roaming just outside the fence line.

Were they ever sated or could they just eat and eat, endlessly tearing meat from the bones of the living?

She shook her head. She knew the answer. These…things…these undead carnivores would never stop. They would never rest. They would be relentless in their pursuit of the living. Like a machine needing no fuel, the undead would roam the countryside forever until they ran out of food.

Food. Human meat.


It had become a daily battle to stay one step ahead of creatures that never tire. Dallas and her small gang of survivors would run then fight, fight then run, and struggle to win the daily…no, hourly melee to survive.

It was a war Dallas wasn’t certain they would win.

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