Financing the Words by Pavarti K. Tyler

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Getting your finances in order means making more money, and who doesn’t want more money?

Writers tend to be word people, which means tax season can be a very scary time! Have you been taking all the necessary steps to make sure you can maximize your return? Are you keeping all your receipts in a shoe box? Are you keeping them at all? Do you have nightmares filled with floating dollar signs as you fret over all the money you’re going to owe when you finally complete your taxes?

Financing the Words is here to help!

Be prepared to learn all you ever needed to know about running your own business and doing taxes as an author and to spend just a few short hours doing it. With Pavarti K. Tyler as your guide, you will take a walk through the numbers as you learn which expenses are tax deductible and which aren’t, pick up tips and tricks for preparing the taxes for your author business, and receive innovative recommendations for using your talent to add a little extra chub to your piggy bank.

With this guide you’ll receive practical, easy-to-understand explanations for how to organize and manage your finances, including:

  1. How to be a successful entrepreneur
  2. The #1 tax rule you need to know
  3. Making money and what to do with it
  4. The pros and cons of incorporating
  5. Paying designers, editors, and other contractors
  6. Commonly asked questions
  7. Maximizing your deductions
  8. Determining your assets
  9. Making money by spending money
  10. Hiring a tax pro or doing it yourself

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Tired of sifting through book marketing guides that focus more on the author’s life story than on advice you can apply to your career? Or, worse still, advice guides that are really meant for nonfiction authors and have precious little information for novelists? What about when an entire book reads as nothing more than a pitch for the author’s services or other books in his series?

We’re tired of it too. Every Novel Publicity Guide to Writing & Marketing Fiction is focused on you. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist who’s still trying to figure all this out or an established novelist doing your best to stay up-to-date with the hottest marketing tactics of the day, this book will deliver tons of action-packed advice you can put into practice today.

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The creative mind inherently resists the order and organization required for proper accounting.

See? Your mind just wandered while reading that sentence. Didn’t it?

Don’t feel bad though. Lots of people are terrified of doing their taxes. You’d be surprised how many people don’t file at all simply because of the fear and anxiety the process inspires. (No matter how stressed you become, of course, not filing your taxes is a terrible strategy.) Yes, taxes are definitely the grown-up equivalent of the boogeyman living under the bed. Fortunately, you’re not alone.

Still, you’re an author, not an accountant! The very last thing you want to do is read an entire book about accounting, finance, and tax preparation. I get that, but ignoring the inevitable is no longer an option.

The reality is, you’re running a business now. As much as you might prefer to live in the world of right-brained creativity, you need to dust off your left-brain now and put it to work. Because as soon as you decided to publish your work and charge for it, you became a business owner. Tracking your resources, marketing your books, editing, and refining your prose—these are tasks you’re already undertaking to exercise your organizational skills. That means you can really, truly do this.

You can learn how to do your taxes. I know you can.

Being an artist certainly has its stereotype of a flaky lady with crazy hair covered in paint (Don’t look at me like that!) You just need a nudge, some guidance, and the necessary information. It’s never too late to get started, and you’ve already done the hard part—deciding to put your art out into the world. That takes serious cojones, so kudos.

Organizing your business may not be the most fun and exciting thing you’ve ever done, but it’s a necessary evil. Besides, with a little help, I can make the process painless and fun. Okay, that’s a lie. I may not be able to deliver quite that much—especially on the fun part—but I can help you stay organized so that you can spend more time creating and less time accounting.

In this book, I’ll introduce you to methods you can use to make good spending decisions, to organize your finances, and—ultimately—to run your business efficiently. In the process, we’ll set up systems to make preparing your taxes significantly less painful, less time-consuming, and less costly. Sounds great, right?

Well, keep in mind this guide is not intended to provide specific tax advice. Instead, it will give you access to the information I have collected over the years in order to help you make the best choices for yourself when it comes to managing your money. Please forgive the need for the officialness of the disclaimer above. It isn’t my goal to scare you off, and I promise I’ll keep the legalese to a minimum going forward. However, for everyone’s sake, I want to make sure it’s completely clear that this book is not intended as legal or official tax advice.

Now that that’s taken care of, strap yourself in! This is going to be a fun ride. Sorry, I’m lying again, but it’s the last time, I promise.

What I will do is provide you with a comprehensive and comprehendible way to think about your business finances. By following the advice in these chapters, you’ll overcome any lingering anxiety about the business side of writing and bring your business savvy to the next level.

Let’s get to it!

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