Blood of the Demon by Alex Westmore

  • LGBT
  • Urban Fantasy
  • 95,000 Words

When another legacy demon hunter goes missing in New Orleans, it’s up to Denny Silver to track him down. Not an easy task, considering the hordes of demons escaping through a dimensional rift created by a powerful voodoo Priestess—all of whom Denny must fight as she makes her way deeper and deeper into the haunted city.

The body count quickly rises, forcing Denny, her witch, and some formidable new friends to seek help from the mysterious people living on the bayou… people Denny’s sure would just as soon help the demons as help in her quest.

Can Denny rescue the lost hunter before this surge of demons wipes New Orleans off the map? The clock is ticking, and if Denny fails in her mission, the flood of evil entering the city will soon drown every living soul in the Blood of the Demon.

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When demons explode, detritus flies everywhere. At this very moment, the demon Denny Silver was trying to put down was one wrist flick away from blowing up.

“Come on Jahi, just release this woman,” Denny said. “Take your nasty-ass minion from her and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you both live.”

“We are not afraid of you, Hunter.”

“Well that’s your first mistake.” In each hand, Denny held a silver cylinder about a foot in length. When she snapped her wrists forward, a sword made of energy crackled out of the right cylinder while a blade chain whipped out of the other. Both weapons were imposing, especially with the noise and the bluish tint surrounding them. “Big, big mistake.”

The possessed woman laughed—slightly insane. It sounded like a squirrel whose tail had just been run over. “The only mistake we’ve made is allowing you and your loved ones to live, Hunter. We should have killed you six months ago.”

“Threatening me? Really? Like that’s never happened. How can you live with your damned unoriginal self?”

“Your reputation as a killer of demons proceeds you, Golden Silver, but how will you fare against one you cannot kill?”

Denny pulled herself up to her full height of five foot ten as she slid the whip into a specially made inner pocket in her vest. “Oh, I could kill you and the host, and still stop by Starbucks for a coffee, but I’m hoping Jahi comes to her senses before I do that.”

Denny stepped closer to the possessed women who looked like a forty-year-old mom trying to dress like her fourteen-year-old daughter. The look was never good and, in this case, bordered on pathetic.

This was not that.

This was a woman who did not know she was dressed like a prostitute. She didn’t even know she’d been possessed.

“Stay where you are Hunter, lest my mistress, Jahi, feel the need to defend me. You are not her favorite human and your death would make her infamous.”

“Don’t hurt yourself tripping over big words.” From another inner pocket, Denny withdrew a third cylinder called Saugen. “Perhaps you’ve heard of this.” Saugen made a snikking noise as it sprang to life from the cylinder. It looked like a blue garden hose.

The controlled woman stepped back, eyes wide with fear.

Denny grinned. “Yeah, I’d back up too. See, here’s the thing: in less than one minute, this Saugen is going to suck you right out of this poor women, and the second you clear her body, the very moment your last toenail grasp on her is gone, Epée here will cut you in half, ending your days of whoring and lasciviousness. Get out now or I’ll tear you from her and destroy you.” Denny looked up. “Do you hear me Jahi, you smug piece of shit?”

Suddenly, a black mist appeared, formless, shapeless, almost two-dimensional. The mist hovered near the women a moment before slowly taking the shape of a curvaceous shadow with no defining features. “Cease your threats, Hunter. You needn’t destroy my minion, though she is far tougher than you might surmise.” The shadow shimmered a moment, as if Jahi was trying to become real.

Denny did not lower her weapons. She’d been attacked by a shade before, and it was like fighting cotton candy. “I thought I made it pretty clear to your kind…your underlings do not belong in Savannah, Jahi. Why are we having this conversation again? You’re trying my already limited patience. Get out. Stay out. End of fricking story.”

“It is my error Hunter. One I’ll not make again.”

“Good. Then take your skanky little succubus with you when you leave and don’t return. I mean it, Jahi. Next time, it won’t be your crony I come after, and you won’t walk away.”

A tense silence hung in the air between them––the shadow never anything more than a heavy smoke-like mist that flickered every now and then. “Save your threats, Hunter. Your reputation is well earned. Come Enocha. Leave that poor, dim being to her own devices.”


“I said come. Do not disobey me.”

“And don’t return, either of you. Whatever my reputation is ain’t nothing compared to what it can be.” Denny’s voice chopped three octaves. She sounded like a gnome who’d just swallowed grit from the bottom of a birdcage.

The Hanta. Her demon within.

The smoke hovered a moment. “Your demon is far more powerful than any Hanta Raya I’ve ever felt, Hunter. What have you done to give it such strength without losing yourself?”

“My Hanta has kicked a lot of demon ass in the six months I’ve been a hunter, yet you all still come to harass the rookie and I keep blowing you all to smithereens. Why is that, Jahi?”

Before the demon could answer, Enocha rose from the woman, flipped Denny off, and vanished.

“Where…what?” The woman, no longer possessed, looked around, confused.

Denny pointed to the bus station on the corner. “You just got a little lost. Wait for the next bus to come take you home.”

The bewildered woman walked away, stopping to look down at her clothes before turning back to Denny. “Why…why am I dressed like a hooker?”

Denny shrugged. “Costume party?”

When the woman continued to the bus stop, Denny focused back on the shadow. “I may be a rookie, Jahi, but my Hanta is almost a thousand years old. I think it’s time you gave it the respect it deserves.”

The black shadow slowly began to fade. “You are an enigma, Golden Silver…both at peace with your own demon while at war with the rest. I bid you adieu and wish you luck with yours.” With that, Jahi disappeared, leaving Denny in the near darkness of a deserted street.

“Well, I suppose my work is done for the night. How ’bout I put this in the book as a successful extraction and go get laid?”

As usual, the demon within did not directly respond, but she could sense its agreement. Her Hanta Raya loved sex…one of the few perks that came with being possessed.

If that really was a perk.

The jury was still out.

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