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Sweet 1950's Romance Collection

James and Deborah's love started a legacy. Watch as their children fall in love in the 1980s, and their grandchildren today. This sweeping family saga of loves both lost and found makes for the perfect sweet reading addiction. Because, after all, everyone deserves to find a love that lasts...

Women's Drama

Behind the dazzling smiles and inside the large brick homes, the residents of Herald Springs all have their secrets. Most are harmless, but then again Annabeth King never did quite fit in. This newest neighbor is harboring a special secret of her own, one that could prove deadly...

LGBT Historical Adventure

When Quinn Gallagher’s childhood friend is abducted from a dock in Ireland, she’ll do whatever it takes to come to the rescue—even if that means dressing as a man and joining the crew of one of the most notorious pirate captains the world has ever seen. You’re in for a wild ride...

LGBT Urban Fantasy

Denny Silver is just a normal college who soon discovers that she is a born demon hunter, and, no, she doesn’t have any choice in the matter. Okay, so being possessed by an ancient demon doesn’t exactly fit into her life plans, but somebody has to do it. After all, it is her legacy, right?

Multicultural Women's Fiction Novel

A handsome stranger.
A whirlwind trip to India.
A life forever changed. 

Will Daly continue to fade into the background of her own life, or will her journey transform her into exactly who she needs to be?

Women's Fiction Serial Collection

Although Elizabeth died giving birth to her daughter, her death wasn’t the end. She awakens to find her sacrifice has transformed her into a special kind of angel—a protector—and if she is able to help her charge through the Pearly Gates, she too will be welcomed into Heaven.

LGBT Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

As the virus sweeps across the United States claiming more and more victims, butch firefighter Dallas was sure death was coming for her, too. Only it never did. Of course, that doesn’t mean its deranged, bloodthirsty horde won’t… Man made the virus that wiped out more than 90% of the population. Now it's up to one lesbian to save what remains.

LGBT Time Travel Romance

When another legacy demon hunter goes missing in New Orleans, it’s up to Denny Silver to track him down. Not an easy task, considering the hordes of demons escaping through a dimensional rift created by a powerful voodoo Priestess—all of whom Denny must fight as she makes her way deeper and deeper into the haunted city.

Inspirational Women's Fiction Short

Six-year-old Emily needs a miracle if she’s ever to walk again. Luckily, her protector angel comes to Emily as a golden retriever puppy, so that she may stay close by as the little girl struggles through recovery. This  tale of friendship is sure to bring peace to anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet.

Sweet Contemporary Romance Novella

Will lives a life of order and routine, so, of course, he’s miffed when a Rottweiler picks a fight with his golden retriever at the dog park. Even though he’d like nothing more than to run in the other direction, he’s unable to ignore the beautiful stranger’s request for help in taming her new dog.

LGBT Historical Adventure

Adrift in more ways than one, Quinn attempts to flee from all those who would push her under… underground, under water, and of course under the covers. Quinn still wants to figure out who she really is, but will she ever get the chance? Or will finding herself also mean finding her end?

LGBT Crime Drama

Delta Stevens runs the beat on her small 1990’s California town where for the most part things are copacetic. That is, until her partner gets gunned down on a routine call. As he lays dying in her arms, she makes a pledge to do whatever it takes to bring his killer to justice.

Sweet 1950's Military Romance Novella

Deborah gave her heart to a man who disappeared in war-torn Korea. While she wants to keep her promise to wait for him, she also has no idea whether he survived the battle that rendered him MIA. When a handsome veteran moves in next door, she denies her growing attraction to him, but...

Sweet 1950's Military Romance Novella

When James left for Korea, his heart belonged to another woman. All that changed when he found the picture of a beautiful, exotic woman one of his troop mates left behind. The photo gives him the resolve to make it home alive... Now he just needs to find her.

LGBT Historical Adventure

Now Quinn must choose between continuing her high seas adventure or revealing a truth that could very well destroy both of the women she’d give anything to protect. Is Quinn the woman she always thought she was, or has she become the pirate rogue she pretends to be? Will she choose love, honor, truth… or none of the above?

LGBT Urban Fantasy

When Umbra's life ends prematurely, she is not ready to let it go, so she makes a deal with the Death Committee: If she takes the role as a Handler to help those who are caught between life and death... if she assists them on their way back to life or forward to the light, the Death Committee will give her a new life to live. All right!

Sweet Silver Romance Short

James never believed in love until he laid eyes on Deborah. They agree to spend an impromptu night on the town together, during which the two share their past histories and secret dreams. She really is the perfect woman for him. The only problem is that he ships off to Korea the next morning.

How-to Guide for Writers

Are you having a hard time condensing everything your writing represents into a neat and tidy package? Perhaps you’re still trying to figure out what brand means when applied to a person. Discover your brand and how to communicate it to readers with proven advice you can put into action today.

LGBT Urban Fantasy

Heartbroken but not alone, Denny is overtaken by an ancient force so powerful she risks losing herself to its dangerous agenda. As if hunting demons wasn’t hard enough, now they're are after a young girl whose Wiccan womb seems the perfect incubator for their hell spawn. Like Denny can just stand back and let that happen.

LGBT Urban Fantasy

When another legacy demon hunter goes missing in New Orleans, it’s up to Denny Silver to track him down. Not an easy task, considering the hordes of demons escaping through a dimensional rift created by a powerful voodoo Priestess—all of whom Denny must fight as she makes her way deeper and deeper into the haunted city.

How-to Guide for Writers

In just a few short hours, you’ll learn the essentials required of the professional author. More than how to put words on the page, you’ll learn how to get into the mindset of an author and live there, carving out your niche in the literary world. Get the knowledge you need to achieve your dream today!

Sweet Silver Romance Short

James has always wondered what could have been with Deborah and is sure they’ve met again by design, not by coincidence. Can these two former sweethearts put their pasts behind them and move into the future together--or are they destined for even more heartbreak?

How-to Guide for Writers

Getting your finances in order means making more money! Be prepared to learn all you ever needed to know about running your own business and doing taxes as an author and to spend just a few short hours doing it. With this guide you’ll receive practical, easy-to-understand explanations for how to organize and manage your finances.

How-to Guide for Writers

Learn how to create opportunities for meeting your audience, maximize the effectiveness of paperback sales in venues book purchasers already frequent, and entice readers to pick up your book! Learn how to find, schedule, and prepare for a variety of live author events, as well as how to harness those events to excite new readers.

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